1. I just bought a Bentley and a bitch came with it

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    he needs those parts for his space ship

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    A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Corey Arnold

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    Harvey Keitel on the set of Reservoir Dogs (1992)

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    Sunrise in Croatia.


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  7. Kevin Drew

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    It’s a rare collection where I personally want to wear every single piece, but then there is Donna Karan‘s spring/summer 2015 show. I’m 100% into everything, and I’m not alone in this sentiment – style.com called it “vibrant, uncomplicated, desirable“. There’s the perfect way the sleeves were rolled on her popped collar tops that made me feel like we were getting ready to dance the salsa all night long…even the patterns (something I typically stray away from) were turned into chic, wearable art by Donna.

    So the love affair continues with the Queen of New York…

  12. so iconic


  13. Try Me // DeJ LoaF

  14. same

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    U See Me? ~

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